Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 2 Challenge: Come Alive by Coming Away

Good afternoon friends--

Day Two in 31 Days to Coming Alive is all about how we can come alive with Christ as we come away.

It makes it so much more amazing to think about coming away with Jesus in my days when I think about the powerful punch that the same God that spoke the stars into being wants to personally speak to me.

To you

When you come away on vacation you usually go away with friends and family.  The God of the universe calls you friend.

Let that breathe life into your soul.  We complicate coming away with Jesus sometimes.  It's just stealing a quiet moment to remember. Remember who God is and who He says you are.
Remember that the son of God died for you, with your name on His heart.
Reading His Holy love letters to us in the scripture.  Don't feel you have to be a pastor, or a renowned Bible scholar who can translate Greek.

Just ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you as you read the love letters God has written to you in His word.

Because when Christ came away on a cross for you:

He was stretching out His arms to say I LOVE YOU.  No strings attached.
I love you.
All  He asks is belief and acceptance and confession and trust in that love.
Now when you come away on vacation you usually rest.  Well try to at least.
I will never forget the vacation when my Dad decided we would camp at Panama City at spring break. There was this top notch campground that my dad said would be great.

I tried to tell my Dad about MTV spring breaks and how Panama City might actually be  but he did not listen..
We got there late at night and my mom kept saying she thought she heard monkeys and elephants.
He told her she was crazy.
But no.. she was right.. our campsite.. literally bordered the Panama City Zoo.

Often times navigating the jungles of our lives keeps us from feeling we can come away with the King.

The monkeys (aka could even be your kids) come in with noisy distraction.
The elephant problems loom big and make you feel small.
The lions roar (1 Peter 5:8 describes the devil as a roaring lion) where the lies of the enemy seem to speak louder then the truth of the Savior.

Remember this.  God created our jungles.  He can calm our jungle.
And He wants you to come away-- laugh with him, talk with him, dance with him, worship him--

Even when your day feels like a zoo and you are wondering where the zookeeper is to put the animals to bed in their cages.

Enjoy the King of the jungle today.

John 15 I have called you friends

How are you going to come away today?

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T.J. Ellis said...

Such a fun and true post! Reminds of SCC SONG King of the jungle! YouTube it! Your post made me smile!