Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The writing of your story

I have been enjoying a wonderful week house sitting and trying to write because it seems like the perfect setting to write .

I also have been enjoying reading some good old fashion inspirational fiction novels for fun to. Because well you remember the summer manifesto if you saw the other posts.  And part of the summer manifesto was to read books-- so i joined the library.

Side note:  one of my big fears in joining the library was I always always end up with library fines. Guess what.  I already did this summer to. But oh well.. it's worth it.
I actually got an award in high school for most library fines ever. So in college I didn't allow myself to go to the library once.  Not enough quarters for that! 
So the combination of trying to write-- and enjoying reading .. made me think about story .. and writing.. and well how God has written our story.

I was reflecting on how I don't know if you are like me, but we tend to have an idea of how our stories are going to go. We make a five year semi plan in our mind (look you know me I do not like the get to type A planning ) some of you may have a 10 year, a one week, a day by day plan.

We plan how we think things are going to work out.

And then there is God.

He often has a different plan-- a different part of that chapter. Different characters then we expected to play a part.  Different places, different circumstances then we expected.
The twists and turns sometimes take us by surprise-- but they don't take Him by surprise.

We quote Jeremiah 29:11 often that He knows the plans He has for us.

But stop and ponder that.
He knows the plans! He has! for you!
what a personal God.
This week I have not been able to get Jeremiah 1:5 out of my mind.  Where God tells Jeremiah Before you were formed in your mothers womb I knew you. I set you apart.

Having just had an adorable new baby niece whom I am super in love with-- I am thinking How amazing. She is brand spanking new.  But God already has her days planned.  He has set her apart.
He has set you apart.

So maybe you and I should spend less time trying to figure out the story and more time LIVING out His story?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Loved (Manifesto Monday)

I said I was going to do Manifesto Mondays.

It's Monday.. so I'm sticking to it. This week at least.  For a recap:  A few weeks ago at Bible study I encouraged all of us to write a summer manifesto. I didn't really know what the word manifest meant, but it seemed to be such a fancy fun word.  In case you don't know, it is a written declaration, statement policy.  We wrote a summer manifesto about the things we wanted to do that made us come alive.

I wanted to start your week off with a manifesto reminder that You are Loved!  Let that declaration wash over your sometimes-- if you admit it--we get tired and weary longing for love and approval.

Today I was reading 1 John 4 and the whole big theme of that chapter is this:  God is love.

We get confused about it sometimes.

We tend to think things like :  Gods love for me hangs on if I have done the good spiritual stuff, checked off my list, read my Bible enough, I went to church enough, loved my neighbor as myself enough , was a a good enough mom, outweighed my good thoughts with my bad thoughts.

We get this "spiritual" scale and weigh God's love on it.
The Pharisees did that to, and Jesus was often telling him they were missing It.  

It's easy to want God's approval to be about what we do, instead of resting in it being about what He has DONE <<<<---- click to tweet

Today rest that God's love is not hanging on you crossing off your spiritual checklist, but is hanging on a cross with love.
Read 1 John 4:7-12.. that's an amazing Manifesto.

And here's a picture of a summer manifesto update.. one of my manifesto's was to want to be in my bathing suit all summer.. so I spent Saturday with a few friends and a roo cup at the pool
And I read two of my library books (one of my manifesto was to read more)

Today my manifesto:  Rest in God's declared love for me.  Wow.
What about you? 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Messenger: Five Minute Friday Linkup

Friends.. Excited. I remembered something I had forgotten.  The wonderful Five minute Friday link-up from Lisa-Jo Baker's glorious wonderful site.

The rules:  They give you a topic and you write five minutes flat without editing, thinking to much ect. Today's post:  Messenger

I remember when I had a crush on a particular boy and we would talk on the old school AOL instant messenger.  
Remember that.  

I would get so excited when that little messenger thing would ding.  And for completely honesty sake.. That boy.. had NO idea that I had a crush on Him. Lol. I had even made up in my mind that "We " had a song because it played in the background while we talked.

Then when I lived overseas in Nepal, far far away from my family.. the Skype sound that meant we would get to communicate would ring and my heart would sing (like how that rhymed?) 

Just makes me think about the joy of communicating with the Lord.  We GET to talk to the God of the universe. And He loves it.  He listens.  He waits.  and the even more amazing thing.


In old school Aol style you had to dial up and wait for the connection.

No dial up necessary with God .  You don't even have to say the official Dear God  and amen  to communicate with Him.

I know it's a simple idea.  But how cool.  We get to communicate with the God of the universe. 


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

When the storm comes.... be at Starbucks :)

Contrary to popular belief. this blog is not sponsored by Starbucks.

But it is often written in Starbucks. That's what happens when you are a gold card member and get free refills and just get the plain ol' strongest they have coffee. It's a cheap office. I don't even have to pay the electricity!

So today hanging out in Cleveland running back and forth from a couple of different meetings about to kill some time before my board meeting tonight and my sister calls me.

She HATES storms.  For good reason.  A big ol scary tornado skipped right over her house in April a few years ago and killed 8 people way to close to her backyard.

So she called to warn me a bad storm was coming and to make sure I was somewhere safe.

So I informed her, if a bad storm was coming I wanted to be in Starbucks. I mean.. sitting right beside the row of windows probably not the best idea, but there is good coffee and a warm inviting atmosphere.

So I came to Starbucks.

And I am sitting here watching a crazy rain windstorm-- sitting my yummy delicious Verona.. and thinking of you my friends.

Just wanted to pop by and remind you there is a place way safer then Starbucks in a storm. Way more inviting. Maybe not so good coffee, but provides way way more then that.  Provides peace, rest, His presence in the storm.

Psalms 91 promises us that He who takes refuge in the shelter of the most high will be safe in the shadow of the almighty!

Sometimes the enemy will whisper to your heart or ears.. God isn't safe. He cannot be trusted.  Don't run to Him. Run to ______ (fill in the blank here)

Friends, just want to remind you that He is your refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble (Psalms 46:1)

Run into the shelter of His presence, His peace, His power, His plan ------<<<<< click to tweet
You can even ask Him to provide the coffee